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Battery Safety

Charging your Vape Internal BatteryIf your device has an internal battery, charge it with the charger provided (a USB cable is not a charger, it is just the cable to plug it into a charger). If it doesn't come with a charger, please ensure you don't charge it with more than 1 amp and 5 volts. Charging it with more than this can damage or destroy the battery. Cell phone chargers or car USB chargers often provide more power than this. Computer USB ports can vary in how much charge they deliver please make sure you use a port that supplies a safe amount of..  - Read More

Ingredients in E-liquid

Propylene Glycol There are many speculations circulating the media to deem Propylene Glycol as a carcinogenic chemical used in a form of anti-freeze, Propylene Glycol has many useful functions including anti-freeze (because it lowers the freezing point of liquids) and it is used as a less harmful alternative to other common forms of anti-freeze such as Ethylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is used in various application as a non-toxic and safer solution to using Ethylene Glycol. The FDA has listed propylene glycol as 'Generally Recognised as Safe' where there is mild side effects when in contact with the human body. Some people..  - Read More

Amps, Volts, Wattage and Ohms

  WHAT THE! There are different types of electronic cigarettes out there and sometimes it can be quite daunting to find what you want. I hope this guide helps you in the quest of finding one suitable for you. If it's too confronting, don't be afraid, start with basic electronic cigarettes and slowly move to the ego type batteries or advance to better options. Unfortunately I don't supply the basic electronic cigarettes, however if you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail. Ego Batteries I like the rechargeable ego batteries because it is reusable and more environmentally friendly..  - Read More

VG and PG Ratio's

E-liquids contain a combination of 3 main ingredients. propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food flavouring. The ingredients are all food grade for human consumption, we can adjust your VG to PG ratio to suit your tanks or RBA's.  Standard: This is a mix of 40VG/60PG, the ratio we recommend will easily absorb into standard tanks  like the Aspire K-1, Justfog Tank and Mini Nautilus. Because VG has a higher viscosity (similar to honey) and takes too long to absorb in the build of these coils because of it's small size, thus you could get a dry hit or burn your coils..  - Read More

Starter Kit Guide

GUIDE  Bottom Coil Tanks Step 1: Grip onto the bottom of the tank and twist it off the battery. Step 2: Refill your tank with e-liquid by unscrewing bottom end of the tank off the battery. Step 3: Squeeze the e-liquid bottle down the side and stop just before it can overflow through the metal cylinder in the middle. Then twist the end back onto the tank. Step 4: Twist the tank onto the battery Step 5: Press and hold the button down as you inhale.   Top Coil Tanks Step 1: Unscrew the mouthpiece from the tank located at..  - Read More

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