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VG and PG Ratio's

E-liquids contain a combination of 3 main ingredients. propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food flavouring. The ingredients are all food grade for human consumption, we can adjust your VG to PG ratio to suit your tanks or RBA's. 

Standard: This is a mix of 40VG/60PG, the ratio we recommend will easily absorb into standard tanks  like the Aspire K-1, Justfog Tank and Mini Nautilus. Because VG has a higher viscosity (similar to honey) and takes too long to absorb in the build of these coils because of it's small size, thus you could get a dry hit or burn your coils quicker. A higher PG blend is also preferable for those who are just switching from smoking to vaping to achieve a similar experience of having more throat hit. 

70/30: Recommended for subohming tanks such as the Herakles, the arctic tank and Rebuildable Tanks (RTA). The bigger coils are designed absorb more e-liquid and provide a powerful vape to enhance airflow, flavour and vapour production to offer a similar vape to a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RBA). Having a thinner liquid for these tanks will tend to flood the coil as they are designed for higher VG, however too much VG will take too long to absorb into the coils due to the metal shell around it and can cause a dry hit.

Max VG: Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers are for advanced users like to take the full experience of tasting the richness of their flavours and even better vapour production by customising it to their desire,. Because the coil and wicking material is fully exposed, you can drip directly on the coil unlike the sub ohming tanks. Therefore having Max VG won't create a dry hit unless you forget to re drip every couple of vapes. 


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