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Amps, Volts, Wattage and Ohms



There are different types of electronic cigarettes out there and sometimes it can be quite daunting to find what you want. I hope this guide helps you in the quest of finding one suitable for you. If it's too confronting, don't be afraid, start with basic electronic cigarettes and slowly move to the ego type batteries or advance to better options. Unfortunately I don't supply the basic electronic cigarettes, however if you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

Ego Batteries

I like the rechargeable ego batteries because it is reusable and more environmentally friendly then the two piece device that looks like a cigarette. The ego type batteries usually comes in 3 parts - battery, tank (either a top coil or bottom coil) and the USB Charger (you can connect it to a computer or a AC adapter with a USB connector). Ego Batteries come with a set standard setting of wattage (typically 6-8 watts) and voltage (typically 3.3 - 4v) or you can adjust the voltage with some known as variable voltage ego batteries.

Box Mods

These devices allows you to control your vaping experience by allowing you to adjust your voltage and wattage levels, the reason for the higher cost is the micro processor chips installed for safety as well as a much larger power capacity. 

 What is mAH?

MaH is milliamp hours, it's a unit of measure for electric power over time (battery power storage unit or the amount of power available), if a device is listed as 650mAH it will have less power storage then one that has 900mAH and so on. If you're not a heavy smoker, then you may prefer a battery with lesser battery life for it's smaller size. 


Measure of the force or pressure of electricity. The devices will store and regulate the power output (flow of power) of the battery to the tank in it's voltage level selected. The higher the voltage the more hotter your vape and the lower it is, the cooler. Also, the higher the ohms the more voltage you need to achieve the desired heat and vice versa.


Wattage is the measurement of the combined voltage and amps and determines the amount of heat/power produced. So the higher the wattage the more amps are being used out of the battery to create more heat. 


This term defines the resistance of your tank (the piece that holds your e-liquid e.g an atomiser/clearmiser/cartomiser) and coil. Most ego tanks uses a 1.8ohm coil because it doesn't need too much power to offer a decent vape experience that mimics a cigarette.

However this changes once you go on to sub ohming which means below 1 ohm builds or coils aka low resistance. This becomes more important when you take vaping up as a hobby or you want to more flavour and higher vapour production. 

To help you understand, we can say that resistance is like the width of a road and the wattage is the number of cars on that road, only so many cars can flow through a smaller road and the voltage is the gas pedal of each car (to go fast or slow). So the lower the ohms the wider the road and all the cars can flow through easier. 

So how do they all tie in together. If you have a Battery and a tank with a 0.2 ohm resistance, you can choose to have more heat reach the coil so lets say you want 50 watts to heat your coil faster and 30 watts if you want a cool vape. However because there is so much more wattage used for more heat you are using more power from the battery and drain it faster. 

In conclusion, the lower your ohms, the more wattage you can use and the more vapour production and flavour you can achieve from your set up. In hindsight you do drain a lot more power out of your batteries. Please vape safe and stick to above .2ohms, any lower then there is very little pressure from the power going from your battery to your coil then it can get very hot very quickly, this is especially important for mechanical mod or unregulated box mod users. You can use an ohm reader to test the resistance of your RBA's.


Your e-liquid or e-juice contains 3 main ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, Vegetable glycerin and Flavouring. In America the Food and Drug Administration has classified all the ingredients as GRAS ‘Generally Recognised As Safe’. None of the ingredients have a direct link to cancerous diseases. Due to Australia's regulation on nicotine in e-liquid, you can only purchase nicotine free e-liquid online. You can try to use quitting aids such as patches and using our products to kick the habbit. 

Personal Vapourisers are intended to be used to kick the hand to mouth habit of smoking, we do not recommend non smokers to try these or any minor under the age of 18. 

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