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  Tasmania has the second highest rate of smokers (in relation to population density) in Australia where an average of 500 Tasmanians will die from tobacco related illnesses every year. There is now a disruptive innovative product invented just over a decade ago that can reduce these numbers down dramatically, yet our logical decision as a country is to ban them? Clearly the Cancer Council and Smoke Free Tasmania care so deeply about their community that they ignore the world wide studies available within a click of a button. I’ve seen customers walk through the door who already show the..  - Read More

Balanced view on regulating electronic cigarettes in Tasmania

Our opinion in regards to electronic cigarette regulation, is to ensure that it is reasonable, practical and benefits the community as a whole. We understand the concerns that health organisations have such as renormalising cigarettes and tempting minors with explicit advertising, however e-cigarettes are designed in China (2001) intentionally as an alternative healthier alternative to tobacco. Therefore having tight regulations on flavours and banning the sale of e-cigarettes are taking away peoples ability for freedom of choice of what they believe works best for them. We agree to ban the sale and supply of e-cigarettes to minors under the age of 18, although it..  - Read More

Newspaper Coverage

We're excited to finally have our shop up and running and gain some interest from the public.       LILY Tran says electronic cigarettes helped her give up the smokes. The former Sydney woman yesterday opened Launceston shop Vape Trails to help others do the same. She said there was no better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. ‘‘These seemed to work really well,’’ Miss Tran said. The jury is out on the health benefits of e-cigarettes, with a recent World Health Organisation report calling for greater regulation of the product. A government spokesman yesterday said: ‘‘The..  - Read More

Information on Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are not specifically a quitting aid. At the end of the day, it is your choice whether you want to quit or not. Whilst you make an informed decision you can switch to using e-cigs as something that is more affordable and less toxic then your everyday cigarettes.Electronic Cigarettes have become the favoured option as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Benefits of E-Cigs No carcinogens No chemical smell Cheaper and affordable overtime Available in so much more variety of flavours Also known as Personal Vapourisers, these products are intended and designed to assist current smokers to replace the..  - Read More

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