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Balanced view on regulating electronic cigarettes in Tasmania

Our opinion in regards to electronic cigarette regulation, is to ensure that it is reasonable, practical and benefits the community as a whole. We understand the concerns that health organisations have such as renormalising cigarettes and tempting minors with explicit advertising, however e-cigarettes are designed in China (2001) intentionally as an alternative healthier alternative to tobacco. Therefore having tight regulations on flavours and banning the sale of e-cigarettes are taking away peoples ability for freedom of choice of what they believe works best for them.

We agree to ban the sale and supply of e-cigarettes to minors under the age of 18, although it isn't regulated or banned yet, we do not sell to anyone in store who are under age and we follow the same guidelines as nightclubs, bottle shops and tobacconist in screening ID for anyone who looks under 25. We cannot check the ID for age online, however most people will need a credit card to buy online, unless they have a paypal account that is linked to a bank card and unfortunately we can only control our online sales to a certain extent and we do reinforce that 'you must be 18' on the home page. We have endorsed having child proof safety capes on all our e-liquid bottles and encourage adults to keep them out of reach of children and pets, you can also see our ingredient listing on our packaging. If you would like a copy of our MSDS report on food flavouring please contact us, details are provided on the website. 

We believe that treating e-cigarettes as tobacco is unfair due to the fact that there is no tobacco and nicotine is prohibited anyway. Ideally it should form a separate category that's not a toy, tobacco, or medicinal product, however still follow the same rules that are applied in the relevant smoke free environment acts and an amendment in the tobacco act that includes non-related tobacco products to have some exclusions that does not restrict the commercial sale of e-cigarettes to license fees for affordability and banning flavour ranges since the preferred method of banning sales to minors are in place. Children who are prone to risky behaviours will find a way buy cigarettes regardless of alternative choices. Restricting advertising and displays are something we can compromise if it causes concern for the community. 

We understand that there hasn't been enough long term studies to deem it's social effects on the community, however we do wish that fair regulations will address these issues without needing to take away choices from adult smokers who genuinely find e-cigarettes an effective tool for themselves. Cigarettes are a nasty habit and some people are really trying to reduce their smoking habits. World wide studies show that electronic cigarettes are the most effective stop-smoking aid available (not our claim), it will be unjustifiable to condemn it. We've listed some links below for further information. - Q & A with back up research - Study performed in Canada - Australian Survey - Study showing that cigarettes are a declining trend in Australia - E-cig use among current adult cigarette smokers in Great Britain - Half a million smokers switching to e-cigs - How e-cigs are not a gateway for children to smoke - Formaldehyde - study on metals emitted from e-cigs




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