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Tasmania has the second highest rate of smokers (in relation to population density) in Australia where an average of 500 Tasmanians will die from tobacco related illnesses every year. There is now a disruptive innovative product invented just over a decade ago that can reduce these numbers down dramatically, yet our logical decision as a country is to ban them?

Clearly the Cancer Council and Smoke Free Tasmania care so deeply about their community that they ignore the world wide studies available within a click of a button. I’ve seen customers walk through the door who already show the early signs of emphysema that just want an effective solution available to them and we cannot help them in an easy and cost effective process. Trying to make sense of the legal status of vaping in Australia is not easy because it’s not common sense.    

We’ve also heard stories of doctors referring patients to us because the methods they’ve tried suggested by Cancer Council were ineffective to them, politicians who sit on their high chairs don’t see patients coming in, looking at them straight in the eye with a plea of help, how can they sit there and judge them. Should we just give up and let fate decide when it’s time or should we give people the choice to choose e-cigarettes?

 Cancer research UK are encouraging smokers to take up electronic cigarettes as a choice to preventable death caused by tobacco. Many first world countries are adopting electronic cigarettes into their policies such as the UK, EU, Russia and have seen an impact of positive statistical results in the reduction of smokers within their community, why are we not?  E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, which can contain nicotine to satisfy the craving without the cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco yet we are not promoting them to the people who need it most.

As a community we need to help ourselves, our neighbours and our friends to rid the habit of smoking. We need to be loud and be heard. We have a small opening to tell our story to the government so they can make the right decision and now it’s Federal! The Federal Government has launched an inquiry to the use and marketing of Electronic cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia. I’ve received this guide on how you can submit your story to them and spread the word so others can do it too, the cut off date is July 6th 2017. Please see the link below and tell your story.


Thank You!


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