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Mechanical Mods

For advanced users, the appeal of using a mechanical mods is their durability, simplicity and ease of repair, they could essentially last a lifetime. All regulated mods have a limited life expectancy, averaging at 3 months to a few years of constant use. The reason why mechanical mods are for advanced users is because you will need to know ohm's law to run them safely. There is no automatic 10 second cut off and there is no adjustable screen to adjust your wattage, no display to tell you when your batteries are running low, you can only tell from the feel of your vape performance or reading it from an external battery charger and the mod won't cut off batteries that are running too low. If batteries run too low it will vent, if you notice your mod heating up too much for your liking, throw it away from you and away from everyone around you. To charge your batteries make sure the batteries are always paired together and charged evenly before putting it back in your mod and only pair hybrid mods with tanks with a protruding pin. However if you do your research and you're a careful person these mods are great. 


Due to new regulations in Tasmania Australia, pictures cannot be displayed, however our products are known world wide, you can google the pictures by typing the name of the products in the search bar under images to see what they look like.

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