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Advantages of using Rebuildables are:

Coils: building your own coils means you know how your coil will run, some prebuilt manufactured coils for tanks can be a dud coil, some coils will last weeks, and unfortunately some only last days. If you build your own coil you know the quality is there because you built it yourself. 

Flavours and clouds: Flavours are always better in a rebuildable and cloud production. 


RTA's - With RTA's they can be tricky to build because of the tight space and getting the right amount of cotton so it doesn't leak and if you add too much cotton in, liquid won't draw towards the cotton efficiently. 

RDA's - Dripping liquid every few puffs, dripping too much can cause leaking with RDA's with bottom airflow. 

RDTA's - Not much. 


Due to new regulations in Tasmania Australia, pictures cannot be displayed, however our products are known world wide, you can google the pictures by typing the name of the products in the search bar under images to see what they look like.

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