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Kanthal Resistance Wires

by Youde
Price $5.00

High quality wire, perfect wire for rebuilding atomisers with 10m of length to work with

Wire Specs:

  • 22 Gauge - 0.65mm Diameter (5m)
  • 24 Gauge - 0.5mm Diameter (10m)
  • 26 Gauge - 0.4mm Diameter (10m)
  • 28 Gauge -  0.3mm Diameter (10m)


The smaller the diameter of the wire = the higher the resistance which means higher ohms. Think of it like traffic flow, the thicker the diameter of the road (wire) the easier it is for cars to flow through traffic. Since the road is wider there is less chance of a traffic jam (resistance). Thus the 24 gauge wire has a higher max temperature threshold then a 28 gauge wire. 

So back to the wires, if you use a 24 gauge wire you will need to do more wraps in creating the coil to get more resistance (not related to traffic anymore). 

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